Extra Equipment

Rental Fitness Equipment

You do not need to break your fitness habits when going on vacation.

We in Villa Ourania can bring professional fitness equipment to your place to keep you in good shape! You can select from a wide range of fitness equipment available for rent! Choose your equipment and it will be delivered to your villa as soon as possible.

  1. HORIZON PARAGON X TREADMILL. The new addition to the award-winning Paragon series, the Paragon X treadmill combines performance and technology for an enjoyable workout.

  2. HORIZON ANDES 2 (EX59) STEPPER. It is an ideal solution for those who are not very familiarized with fitness but also for experienced users.

  3. HORIZON COMFORT R VIEWFIT RECUMBENT BIKE. With the Horizon Comfort R Viewfit recumbent bike you can easily connect to WiFi and ViaFit. Once connected, your workout data can flow between your apps and communities.

Rental Audio Equipment

We do provide a Mini Hi-Fi Bluetooth Sound system 600W in rental price, but if you need something more special, you can hire a professional sound system.

We can offer a wide range of equipment for your event, providing equipment from basic speakers to advanced sound systems.

We deliver sound system rental solutions for every event type and size, supplying cutting-edge technology for any venue, meeting both your precise audio specifications and your budget. Apart from the sound system, you can also rent a microphone for crazy karaoke nights!