Massage Services

In our villa we can provide you withe high quality massage services designed with dedication and respect for the object, in order to take care of your needs.

Our partners combine modern with ancient practices from around the world, they inspire massage types that refresh your tired and charged body and contribute to the balance of body and mind.

All the products that will be used, in are 100% organic, based on olive oil, while disposable products are waiting for you (underwear, kimono, slippers) at no extra charge, completing the experience.

You can choose between the following massage services:

  1. Relax Massage. Massage against stress and accumulated fatigue, which will offer you a feeling of deep rejuvenation and well-being. A relaxing massage session is able to bring mental and spiritual peace to the patient while you will surely feel that time has been removed for a while.

  2. Candle massage. The heat of the hot melt wax will relax your whole body. The warm candle gives a unique, enjoyable feeling of relaxation as it flows throughout your body. The heat of the melted candle activates the nerve endings throughout the body, activating all your senses.

  3. Deep tissue massage. Massage that focuses on restoring the original position of the deeper layers of muscle and peritoneal tissues. During this massage we base the entire structure of the muscle groups and connective tissues to find the points of sensitivity that hurt, restrict blood circulation, are tight and impede flexibility.

  4. Relax Massage 2. A top anti-stress massage, with our own protocol of movements and stretching. The session starts with Thai pressure. The massage is performed with a hot wax, we continue with stretches all over the body and close with warm towels on the face. A path of well-being and relaxation.

  5. Ancient Greek Massage. It is a unique holistic treatment, which reverently applies the knowledge of the great physician and healer Hippocrates. It is a powerful but not painful treatment that applies the dry massage and the oscillations known only to the healers in the mysterious temples of the Asclepieia.

  6. 4 hand Massage. A unique combination of massage techniques, performed by two therapists at the same time with a hot candle. With unique harmony and grace, we manage with this treatment to multiply the beneficial effects of the massage, more direct, more dynamic, more elaborate and more magical.

Personal and Group Training

Do you want to combine your holidays with your wellness?

In Villa Ourania we can organize your holistic wellness & fitness trip that can include pool workouts. Full body workouts for strength and cardio, functional cross training or specialized programs such as pilates & yoga for individuals or groups. fun family workouts, pilates, yoga and meditation!

Combine your holidays with fitness and fun! Exercise under the amazing blue sky and the breathtaking sea view from the comfort of your villa. Experienced trainers are able to offer you dynamic workouts that will straighten your body and renew your spirit. Our expert personal trainers will take care of your well-being based on your physical requirements. The villa can be designed indoors and outdoors for your personal workouts.