Leisure Activities

Rent a Boat

Be a captain for a day. Rent a boat and drive it on your own – No license needed – No experience required – Complete freedom in time and length of the trip.

An experienced crew will give you a short theoretical and practical introduction on how to drive your boat before you get to start into your open sea adventure.

Discover the beautiful bays of Agia Pelagia and the surrounding area. Stop in the middle of the sea to take a dip into the clear waters or discover the isolated beaches that can only be reached by boat. With a little luck you will be able to witness some of Crete’s special visitors: Turtles, flying fish or Dolphins.

Ask for fishing equipment or snorkeling masks and make it an unforgettable trip.
All boats are equipped with a sun tent, pillows, fridge, radio, ladder, quick stop, a GPS tracker.
​A captain is available on demand. 

There are different types of boats for different needs:

  1. Engine: Mercury 100 hp

Length: 4,54 m
Width: 1,95 m
Capacity: 7

  1. Engine: YAMAHA 30 hp

Auxiliary tank: 5 lt
Length: 4,90 m
Width: 1,95 m
Capacity: 6

  1.  Engine: YAMAHA 30 hp

Length: 4,54 m
Width: 1,95 m
Capacity: 5


Spend the day aboard of a small size sailboat and enjoy the Cretan clear waters. After an optional pick up at your hotel you will meet up at the port of Heraklion, where the sails are set. It will take about one hour of sailing through the beautiful sea to reach Dia Island.
Once the anquor is set the captain will prepare lunch while you enjoy admiring the clear sea and wide range of fish with the snorkeling equipment organized by the crew, relax on the boat or take a walk through the deserted island. After your meal and some time to digest, you head to a deserted cove and have some time to swim again.

Tour includes:

  • Captain, assistant
  • Tzatziki, Greek salad, pasta with seafood, fruit
  • Water, soft drinks, red and white wine, beer
  • Mask, fins, snorkel
  • Fishing rods
  • Floats for non-swimmers​


  • Bathing suit​


  • Private tours on demand
  • Contact us for a half a day option

Water sports

Water sports are very popular in Greece and with a huge range of organised beaches, on the mainland and islands, there is almost no specific taste that can’t be met. With seas bounding the mainland on both sides, and around all islands, there is no type of organised team event that can’t include some form of water activity; so don’t hesitate to ask us what we can organise for you. The weather is usually great and from any time between March to late October, it will be warm enough for anyone to dive into the crystal waters.

Some of the activities that you can enjoy are the following:


  1. Jet Ski Safari. Join and enjoy by driving a jet ski and discover the wild nature of Heraklion bay. The trip starts in front of our station. The route goes like this: Apollonia hotel – Linoperamata – Pantanassa – Paleokastro – Black hole – Panagia – Ammoudi and back.
    What to bring: Sunglasses, Sun cream, Beach towel.
    Duration: 90 minutes (45′ driving + 45′ snorkeling)

  2. Parasaling. An unforgettable experience. Its safe, easy and the most exciting water sport available. There is no experience needed. Anybody can fly from 4 – 94 years old. Our boat is professional and certified for pulling parachutes and it’s a total length of 10m. There is plenty of space while you wait for your turn while listening to music.
    Duration: 10 min
    Height: 100 meters

  3. Jet Ski. Rent one of our jet skis and enjoy driving into specific safe area. All our jet skis are in perfect condition and regularly maintained.
    Duration: 15 minutes

  4. Inflatables. You can choose between a variety of inflatables (BANANA SLIDER – CRAZY UFO – CRAZY SOFA – BANANA – STRING RAY – SEA DOO). That is an activity for the whole family or friends. Depending of your needs the ride can be a nice relaxing experience or an extreme unforgettable memory.
    Distance: 3.5 km

  5. Pedalo – Canoe. Both activities are great fun for kids and the perfect exercise for adults. Our canoes are for one (1) person and the pedal boats can carry up to four (4) persons.
    Duration: 1 hour

  6. Sup. Stand up paddling. A safe, easy and fun activity for everyone. Combining elements of surfing and kayaking, sup literally lets you “walk on the water”.
    Duration: 1 hour

Scuba Diving

Aquadive is a purely family business based on love and passion for underwater diving and the sea bottom. Our fundamental priority is all scuba divers will remain safe during the diving process. We focus on providing our customers, beginners or professionals, the best possible experience underwater and also a full diving training following the international standards of SSI.

You can enjoy the following Dive Tours:


  1. TRY SCUBA DIVING Non Divers. The SSI Try Scuba program is your introduction to the underwater world. This entry-level program gives you the opportunity to experience the underwater world, in a confined water setting.

You will earn the SSI Try Scuba recognition rating.

  1. SNORKELLING TOUR urs – Non Divers. Your opportunities are only limited by your imagination and your physical capabilities. Snorkeling, freediving, and scuba diving are the “Ultimate Dive Experiences” to be enjoyed with family and friends. Your adventures can take you to the most spectacular places in the world. With this course you can snorkel the bay of Mononaftis and  observe the local marine life. With an underwater camera or video, you can bring back exciting images to remember for a lifetime.
  1. CHECK DIVE – Certified Divers. This program is designed for divers who are inactive for more than a year or have less than 20 recorded dives. The target is to do a refresh dive firstly until 6m depth to remember his diving skills so as to go for a deeper dive next.
  1. NIGHT DIVE – Certified Divers. This program is designed to extend the practicality of the divers of each level through a supervised and controlled dive using a self-contained breathing apparatus on the open sea after sunset.

  2. WRECK DIVE BYRON I – Certified Divers.This program is designed to extend the practicality of the divers of each level through a supervised and controlled dive using a self-contained breathing apparatus on the open sea in a shipwreck. Enjoy a FULL DAY DIVING TRIP AT BYRON I shipwreck at Kaloi Limenes Beach, South Crete.BYRON I was a cargo ship carrying 11.000 tons of sugar. On January 17, 1985 at around 11.30am, all Crete was in the grip of unprecedented bad weather with heavy winds, heavy rain, floods, and cutoff communications. BYRON I strayed to the bottom and it was cut in the middle and made salty water…sweet. The crew managed to leave the ship and be saved.

Quad Safari

Starting at the Peninsula Hotel and Spa in Agia Pelagia, the guides will give you a theoretical introduction and a small driving practise, before you take the adventure in your hands and the quads on the road.

Lonely tracks away from main traffic and in the midst of the most beautiful nature take you to a beautiful cliff path along the sea and later into the heights of Achlada.

Here you enjoy a breathtaking view over the surrounding area, before you continue to the long time ago and abruptly abandoned ghost village of Achlada. Find out more about the background of the village, the ancient and traditional Cretan way of life and share a special personal moment with the three last and only inhabitants of this village.  Enjoy a walk through this village which is not accessible by any other means.

You then continue, beginning in the heights of Achlada, passing in between the mountains in breathtaking natural surroundings to Fodele, a traditional Cretan village, which is also called the village of the oranges and is the birthplace of the famous painter ‘El Greco’. Here you can explore Crete’s culture and marvel at its local handicrafts. Time for some shopping or a visit of the museum or its orthodox churches is of course considered.

For those of you who like it relaxed there is the possibility to enjoy a freshly squeezed orange juice from the local oranges in the calm.

​​​You return to the hotel at 13h00, so you can take your time to enjoy your lunch. (Alternatively there is the possibility to have lunch in a local restaurant and try Greek Meze – a variety of Greek specialties served on small plates to try.)


  • Driving License
  • Sunglasses
  • Appropriate Clothing


  • Drivers have to be min 18 years and own a driving license
  • Passengers can join from 3 years onwards

Combination of different Games

Go Kart

We are located in Hersonissos and it was founded in 1997, designed based European specifications.

Our staff is highly trained in order to provide excellent service and security to our customers.

We provide the possibility to adults and children to participate since it has various categories of go karts, as go karts for adults (200cc, 6,5hp) mini go karts(120cc,4,5hp) and double seat go karts(200cc, 6,5hp).

All go karts are electronically controlled by our staff, keeping in this way the safety and proper operation of the place.

Bungee rocket


If you are looking for something that will raise your adrenaline then we have the solution.

Catapulted at 150 feet of height up to 5G’s!!! Simply amazing!!! Our staff is highly trained in order to provide excellent service and security to our customers.

Mini Golf

Mini golf was made in 1998, it’s a fun adrenaline pumping game for all ages. With 16 small games you can enjoy over and over again as each game is different including:

  • Nets
  • Holes
  • Bridges
  • Pipes
  • Tunnels